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***ual Healing

This is a Brush

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The Brush is designed to explore the sensation of touch. The natural hairs and intuitive grip helps you explore touch and how you like it. Learn where and when you feel tension and train your body how to relax with each use. 


How To Use

- Hold the Brush using the intuitive grip

- Create a sensual experience with tickles, caresses or whips.

- Can be used anywhere on the body

- Find out what brings you pleasure, at your own pace.


Content + Care

- Made with natural hair and is therefore not vegan.

- Made in The Netherlands

***ual Healing by Nienke Helder

***ual Healing, designed by Nienke Helder, creates analogue accessories to help women to get comfortable with their bodies. Their inventions are designed for women who suffer from trauma-induced ***ual problems. Read more about them and their mission here.

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