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***ual Healing

This is a Mirror

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The viewing angle of the Mirror is designed to help you take a comfortable look at your vulva. The Mirror reflects both in daylight and in the dark, allowing you to get to know your body in an intimate way and explore pleasure at any time. 


How To Use

- Place the Mirror on a flat surface to use it handsfree.

- The built-in light illuminates what you hold in front of the Mirror

- Can be used for learning and checking anatomy 

- Can be used for pleasure exploration


Content + Care

- USB-C chargeable included with US order

- Made in The Netherlands

***ual Healing by Nienke Helder and Inge Keltjens

***ual Healing, designed by Nienke Helder and Inge Keltjens, creates analogue accessories to help women to get comfortable with their bodies. Their inventions are designed for women who suffer from trauma-induced ***ual problems. Read more about them and their mission here.

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